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Trying to treat dirty spots or stains can be a real hassle. If you wash clothes without pre-treating certain types of stains, you can be sure that they will be there for good when the clothes come out of the washing machine.

You are going to want to pre treat those stubborn spots with a
Laundry Pre Wash Spray. Let us help you select which brand is the one that you want to buy.

Likewise, when cleaning carpets, you are going to want to pre treat them as well. This will help loosen the dirt and stains and make cleaning a possibility.

We even offer advice on how to clean precious
Oriental Rugs, which require a special method of cleaning. Consult our site before you ruin those hard to replace expensive rugs, clothes or carpets.

If you have a boat, than you know that mildew is a real problem associated with boat seats and fabrics. Let us recommend a Boat Cleaner Spray, that will make your boat look virtually new.
Disinfectant Spray Brands
Disinfectant sprays are great for use around the dirty places in your house like the bathroom, basement, where the pets live or wherever else you want to kill germs. You want a disinfectant spray that is not only tough on germs, but safe to use around your family and pets. Using a quality brand of disinfectant spray is a must if you want to keep germs at bay and your room or area smelling as fresh as possible.

Clorox Disinfecting Spray
Many Hospitals and Businesses use Clorox to disinfect their bathrooms, halls, rooms, kitchens and counters. Clorox is a trusted brand of bleach and disinfectant that has been used in countless households over the years. Clorox disinfecting spray is now new and improved it not only kills more germs than before, it actually kills them faster. Clorox spray doesn't just mask bad odors, it eliminates the bacteria that is causing the odor. The spray also kills mold and mildew and helps prevent it from returning. prespray.com rating 9.5/10

CVS Brand Disinfectant Spray
This product is available at your local CVS store, as the name implies. Another popular brand of disinfectant spray that works well and costs a bit less than the big name brands. Product comes in a 12 oz aerosol spray can. The product eliminates odors, kills many household germs and viruses. prespray.com rating 8.5/10

Everyday Living Disinfectant Spray Brand
This product works surprisingly well and costs less than the major brands. I like to use it in my bathroom and office to keep things smelling fresh. The product claims to kill mold, mildew and 99% of household germs. Manufactured by Inter-American Products, Inc. prespray.com rating 8/10

Febreze Odor Eliminator Spray
Febreze doesn't just cover up odors, it actually eliminates them by killing harmful bacteria that causes the odor. Febreze fabric refresher pet and antimicrobial spray is perfect if you have pets, it promises to kill 99.9% of odor-causing bacteria. Most of their products safe to use on fabrics, which is a great plus. prespray.com rating 9/10

Lysol Disinfectant Spray
Lysol has been trusted for years to kill germs and bacteria with their sprays. The original formula was a little on the hospital smelling side, today there are quite a few nicer smelling formulas of Lysol yet the germ killing quality is still there. Lysol now comes in 7 great scents including Spring Waterfall, Crisp Linen, Early Morning Breeze, Citrus Meadows, Vanilla & Blossoms, Summer Breeze, Jasmine & Rain and For Baby's Room. Lysol can kill both cold and flu viruses. prespray.com rating 9.5/10
Oriental Rugs Cleaning
Oriental rugs are often treasured by families, they can be valuable family heirlooms. Care for your rugs and they will last a lifetime or longer.

Cleaning Spills on Oriental Rugs
Spills are a rugs worst enemy, if you spill something on the rug be sure to start cleaning right away. The following method for removing stains is a general guide and may not apply to all rugs due to the different materials and dyes used. Most spills may be removed without permanent stain if taken care of right away. First pick up as much of the spill as possible using a cloth or paper towel. Then dilute the spill with water and blot the wet area until all of the moisture is removed. Repeat this process if any of the spill remains.

It is not recommended to use harsh cleaning products on Oriental Rugs. Be very careful about what you use on the rug. Water is the best, if it works. You can also try water mixed with white vinegar if the stain will not come out. You can try a light product like Woolite and water, this is not a harsh product and will likely take a stain out.

When you get the stain out, make sure to air dry the rug only. Make sure fresh air reaches the wet area by hanging or draping the rug over something. You can try a hair dryer on a cool setting for short periods. While drying, comb the pile in the same direction as the rest of the rug so that it dries in the proper direction.

How to Vacuum Your Rugs
Be careful not to vacuum the fringes of the rug, this could cause damage. If the fringe gets caught in the suction of a vacuum cleaner it may begin to break or tear. Always vacuum your rug without the beating brush, you can either turn the brush off, or just use the attachments.

Keeping your rugs clean and vacuuming them when necessary is good for the health of the rug. Be sure to vacuum both sides of the rug, after vacuuming the front side, flip the rug over and vacuum the back side also.


Heavily Soiled or Stained Rugs
If the rug has heavy stains or spots that cannot be removed by traditional methods, then it may be time to consult a professional. Valuable rugs should be cared for only by professionals, you may want to consider having the rug sent out to be professionally cleaned.

Pet stains can only be removed by fully flushing the rug, this requires lots of soaking and a delicate touch. Again I would recommend a professional for this type of service.

Rotate the Rug Frequently to Minimize Wear
It is important to rotate your rugs frequently to equalize and slow the natural effects of wear. If you can put the rug somewhere where it will receive a little less traffic then that may be a good idea. Try to keep the rug out of direct sunlight, this will quickly dull the colors of the rug. If the rug becomes faded from sunlight the effects may be irreversible.
Carpet Cleaning Companies with reviews
If you have heavy stains or maybe just don't have the time or know how to clean carpets yourself, then it may be time to call the professionals. Here we list and review some of the popular carpet cleaning services.

Coit Carpet Cleaning Service
COIT is your number one source for carpet cleaning services. In addition, we are one of the largest providers of upholstery cleaning and drapery cleaning. We also provide tile & grout cleaning, air duct cleaning, and 24-hour restoration services.

Coit's carpet cleaners use the industry's most advanced truck-mounted carpet cleaning system, which will remove ground-in soil and revive your carpet's appearance. Additional services such as carpet repair*, deodorizer and our CoitGard™ stain-resistant protective coating are also available.

Most customers were slightly satisfied to not really satisfied in reviews of this company. Most would not recommend this service to a friend. Some customers were happy with the service but they seemed to be more of the exception, than the rule. They will not set up an exact time for an appointment, you need to pick a day and they will call you that morning to confirm a time window later in the day (similar to Comcast service). prespray.com rating 6/10

Sears Clean Service
Carpet Cleaning For A Deep Down Clean. Deep Down Trust. When you have your carpet cleaned by Sears Carpet Cleaners, you have nothing to lose - except carpet stains, spots, odors, and ground-in dirt and grime. Our carpet cleaning is backed by the Sears Guarantee of Satisfaction and delivered by our professionally trained carpet cleaners.

Sears is a well known and trusted name in the world of carpet cleaning, they offer a 30 day satisfaction guarantee on their carpet cleaning services. They use a 2 step cleaning process to clean the carpets, they are also supposed to vacuum before cleaning the carpet if you like. The benefit of this service is that they are backed by the quality of the Sears brand.

Most customers were satisfied with the services they received. The customer staff is most often reported as friendly and and effective. Most customers reported them as arriving on time and doing a good job. There were however some complaints, from a few customers. One customer in New Jersey had a particular nasty experience, but this is likely more of a one-off event. prespray.com rating 9/10

Stanley Steemer Service
For more than 60 years, we have been bringing cleaner, more comfortable homes to America. To serve customers nationwide, we now boast over 300 locations in 48 states. From a humble, one-man, one-truck beginning in Columbus, Ohio, we've done pretty well—all because we're driven to deliver the best, and proud to stand behind every service 100%.

Stanley Steemer is a well known and respected carpet cleaning service, you have probably seen their ads on television at one time or another. They use orange colored vans with the logo on the side. They offer residential and commercial services at reasonable prices.

Reviews for Stanley Steemer were somewhat mixed, while some people were quite satisfied with the service, others had complaints. The top complaints included high pressure sales tactics and trying to charge extra for services. We recommend you get a quote in writing before agreeing to the service, do not go for the extras unless you really want something. In the contract you have 10 days to complain about the job, so if you aren't satisfied make sure you let them know right away. Some customers recommended that you keep on eye on the workers to make sure that they are working. prespray.com rating 7.5/10
Boat Spray Cleaner Reviews
Starbrite Mildew Stain Remover
We used this on the vinyl fabric of a pontoon boat and it worked like magic. We had a hard to remove black mildew covering the fabric and seats. You spray this stuff on, use a soft scrub brush to remove the mildew and stains. Then take a clean towel and wipe the seats down.

I would say that it removed 95% of the stains which is pretty good. You may have to go to a boat or specialty to shop to find it however. Or you can probably buy it online. Prespray.com rating 9.5/10
Paint Brands Reviews
To do the job right you are going to need the right supplies when painting. Plan ahead and make sure that you have the necessary painting supplies for the job.

Painting supplies include: Brushes, rollers, solvents, paint removers, painter's tape, patching and repair equipment, surface preparation products, painters tools, paints and primers, ladders, masks, spray equipment, paint cleanup supplies.

When you have the right supplies ahead of time, you can be sure to do a great job and finish on time. Below is a list of paint brands, that we would recommend for you next painting project.

Benjamin Moore
A man named Benjamin Moore started selling paint back in 1883. Today Benjamin Moore Paint Company is one of the largest paint dealers.

Citron Paint
If you are looking for specially blended paints, with artist quality colors for your home. Then check out this online paint store.

Devine Color
Devine Color is the exclusive paint of the Home Shopping Network (HSN) so you can expect it to be good. Snappy looking website as well.

Hudson Paint
Sells a special paint called "Chalkboard" which is 100% acrylic and specially made for creating erasable color panels. Located in Red Hook, New York.

Krylon offers superior protection for out door projects. They are known for their spray paints, especially their Rust Protector Enamels. Which dry quickly and offer superior protection against rust.

Pratt & Lambert Paints
Pratt & Lambert makes high quality paints designed for your home. Pratt & Lambert offers "green products" which are environmentally friendly, as well as a wide range of vivid paint colors. Pratt & Lambert says "Never Compromise".

Sherwin-Williams Paint
Everybody knows the famous slogan "Ask How. Ask Now. Ask Sherwin-Williams." . Founded in 1866, this paint company has a long iconic history of selling paint.
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